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What do the Dentists Think of the New Normal?
October 27, 2020  |  Blog, Dental Care

What do the Dentists Think of the New Normal?

Except for the emergency proceedings, dental practices across the country have been closed for business ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started to take hold in the United States of America. Michael Ryan, the WHO Emergencies doctor, warned that the “new Coronavirus may never go away, and the populations have to learn to live with it”. Needless to say that in this the new normal, the regular practice activity of the dentists has come to a virtual standstill! And the dental industry has witnessed a very dramatic reduction in its supply of products and services. Dental professionals are facing new challenges these days as we are trying hard to adjust to the reality as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we practice. Change is always tough, and this specific change adds a significant amount of fear.

  What Problems is the Dental Industry Facing?

  • We wonder how we can provide treatment in a world where just a cough may be presumed to be a serious disease. We fear how the new protective guidelines will impact our productivity and profitability. This is unfamiliar territory, and the perfect method to tackle this situation is to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.
  • From a dentist’s perspective, machineries and product manufacturers and suppliers are trying to strongly build, and improve, the industry's specifically close relationship and partnership with the dental profession. This is done in order to explore, establish and enforce new thought processes and fresh approaches, equipment and techniques to protect patients and clinicians, aiming on restoration to the more full-scale provision of dentistry.
  • Dentistry is commonly categorized in the serious-risk kind of aerosol production through several aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). To promote any move towards the reactivation of full-scale dental treatment, probably without mass vaccination or the massive use of antibody testing, the aerosol problem will require discussing and seeking solutions.
  • Several dentists feared the soaring cost and time required and that hand-pieces would not hold up to the heat of the sterilizers. And they were afraid that patients would not be at ease while receiving treatment from a dentist wearing a mask and gloves. As no one can predict when normalcy will be resumed, several businesses are possibly closing down permanently in the dental department. However, strong changes are bound to happen when patient treatment restarts in full swing.
  • The government has taken various measures to support this industry, as with others. Few dental companies have sent most of their workers on leave, few have put mostly all their workers on a work-from-home method.

The Patient Safety Challenges in Tomball, TX!

All the Dentists in Tomball, TX, provide you quality dental care, as your comfort and smile is our priority.  We take all kinds of necessary precautions to keep our patients safe and secure in this Covid-19 situation.