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Dental Filling   •   April 20, 2023

Composite Fillings: The Gold Standard For Fillings 

Are you tired of traditional silver fillings that make your teeth look like metal? Do you want a filling option that blends seamlessly with your natural smile? Look no further than composite fillings! These tooth-colored materials have revolutionized the world of dentistry and are quickly becoming the gold standard for fillings. Not only do they […]

Dental Filling   •   January 31, 2023

Why Resin Composite Fillings Should Replace Amalgam Fillings

When it comes to dental fillings, there are two main options available: amalgam and resin composite. Amalgam is the traditional method of filling cavities, but the newest technology in dentistry is the use of resin composites. Resin composite fillings are made from a combination of plastic and glass particles, and they offer several advantages over […]

Dental Filling   •   March 19, 2021

Broken Or Loose Fillings? Here Are Tips For You To Follow!

Dentists provide you Dental fillings in order to fill your cavities and restore your decayed teeth. Fillings are rigid that lets you chew and grind, just like original teeth. But sometimes, these fillings can also come loose. How does a filling get damaged? Tooth decay because of  inappropriate dental habits A face injury  Teeth grinding […]