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Dental crown, Root Canal   •   November 15, 2022

Does A Dental Crown Help After Undergoing Root Canal Treatment?

A dental crown helps to restore and reinforce a tooth after undergoing root canal therapy. It protects the teeth from any further damage once the treatment process is completed. Even though all root canal procedures require tooth reinforcement, a dental crown is not always necessary. Patients who require root canal procedures may need clarification. Many […]

Dental Cleaning   •   October 31, 2022

What Is The Importance Of Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Introduction Deep teeth cleaning is something that you cannot do by yourself. It requires the expertise of an experienced dental professional or a dental hygienist. This procedure could be a major requirement for gum or periodontal disease patients. Those who haven’t visited a dentist for long and haven’t undergone cleaning or examination will also be […]

Blog, Dental Care, Oral Health   •   September 30, 2022

Abscess: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Plaque is a bacterial byproduct of food, saliva, and germs in the mouth that are stuck to one’s teeth and cause harm to the gums and teeth—the dental abscess. Abscess generates by bacterial infections, which frequently decay in the tooth’s pulp. Without regular and thorough plaque removal via brushing and flossing, bacteria can invade the […]

Denture   •   August 31, 2022

What Are The Major Benefits Of Dentures?

Dentures are a perfect tooth replacement treatment option. They have been in use for quite a long time now and are still considered one of the most commonly used tooth replacements. So, if you are suffering from problems related to one or multiple missing teeth, going for denture treatment can be a wise choice.  We […]

Dental crown   •   July 29, 2022

Know The 4 Most Effective Dental Crowns Aftercare Tips!

Dental crowns commonly referred to as dental caps, are solutions that can be used to cover teeth and restore their strength, shape, and size. Crown placement can be done in one appointment, or the dentist can plan it out across several appointments. In this blog, we will discuss the aftercare tips to follow after going […]