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We Are Open On Saturdays & Sundays

You never know when you might require dental care. It could seem like dental problems always arise at the worst possible moments. On a Saturday, a toothache may decide to become terrible, or on a Sunday afternoon, while watching Netflix with buddies, someone may break or knock out a tooth.

Dental situations are nearly usually painful. They frequently interfere with daily activities and won't wait until office hours. Weekend emergency dental care can help with that.

Services A Weekend Dentist Provides

Our dental office in Tomball, TX, is set up to address a wide range of dental issues and enable patients to find relief quickly. We provide the following services:

  • Restoration of cracked chipped, or broken teeth.
  • To treat cavities or tooth decay, use fillings and crowns.
  • Treatment of dental tissue and root canal infection using root canal therapy.
  • Teeth that cannot be saved require extraction.
  • Repair of dentures and braces.
  • Taking care of dental abscesses.

Contact Us

If you face any dental issues at the weekends, dont forget to contact us at (832) 422-1400. We at Northampton Dental - Dentist Tomball in Tomball, TX, will be glad to help you out.