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Tooth Extraction: Causes, Conditions and Aftercare
January 17, 2022  |  Tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction: Causes, Conditions and Aftercare

A tooth extraction could be a term that might be preventing many from visiting a dentist or orthodontist. Many believe that it is a painful procedure. However, for dentists, it is just a routine procedure that only causes minor discomfort in the patient. In this blog, we will be discussing the causes of tooth extraction, the various dental conditions due to which the tooth extraction is done and tooth extraction aftercare.     


Many might be wondering why a dentist in Tomball, Texas goes ahead with tooth extraction even though you are facing a problem in the teeth. Most dentists will perform tooth extraction only after careful examination and assessment of your teeth, jaw and mouth. Dentists will check for any dental diseases or conditions that have caused severe damage to your teeth. Tooth extraction is performed only when all the hopes of saving the tooth are exhausted. It is necessary to prevent the progression of the diseases to other teeth and also in preventing the diseases from hurting the affected region. 

Dental Conditions that most likely leads to tooth extraction

  • A decayed tooth that has damaged a majority of the tooth's portion in such a way that the damage could not be reversed using dental materials
  • Tooth decay has started to impact the furcation areas of the molar teeth
  • When the dentist identifies drifting of teeth that occurs due to the loss of bone around the tooth
  • The deciduous teeth which are hindering the eruption of permanent teeth
  • mal-positioned teeth that are causing severe pain in the patient may be removed if they cannot be treated using orthodontic treatment

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The area where tooth extraction is performed usually takes a few days to heal. It is natural to have some extent of pain and swelling that could arise out of a tooth extraction procedure. However, it will decrease concerning time through taking pain medications as prescribed by the dentist or orthodontist in Tomball, Texas and also by using cold packs. You should not rinse your mouth for 24 hours after the tooth extraction is performed. After 24 hours, rinse your mouth using saline water. You should also avoid hard food that is difficult to chew and also hot food. Try to eat soft food. Give proper rest and take medications as prescribed by the dentist. Visit the best dentist at Tomball Texas for an effective and specialized tooth extraction procedure.