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Some Valuable Tips To Keep Your Dentures Stain Free
December 12, 2022  |  Denture

Some Valuable Tips To Keep Your Dentures Stain Free

Do you remember the first time you got your false teeth? Their whiteness was so bright and sparkly that it was almost blinding. Your smile could pretty much shine brighter than anything else except the sun. But as time passed, your dentures started to lose their white color and may have even started to turn yellow. You don't have to look for a new set of dentures to get that dazzling smile back. With a few tips you can learn how to clean denture stains and get your dentures back to their original shine in no time!

How To Keep Dentures From Getting Stained?

Cleaning your dentures properly every night is the best way to keep them from getting stained.Here are some tips to keep your dentures stain free:

  • Take your dentures out of your mouth and water them to eliminate loose food particles.
  • You can brush your dentures with a soft or regular toothbrush. It would help if you didn't use regular toothpaste with abrasives, but you can still use water, denture paste, or toothpaste that doesn't have abrasives.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in a cleaning solution for dentures or water. Another option is to use cleaners that work quickly and then put the dentures in water. Follow what's written on the cleanser's package. Make sure to use a cleaning solution for partials when you want to clean your partials.
  • Before you put your denture in your mouth in the morning, could you give it a good rinsing with water?Do this every day to keep your false teeth clean and white.
  • By cleaning your dentures every day, you can help make sure they last a long time and look good.

Also, if you want your dentures to stay bright and shiny, you should eat and drink less coffee, tea, red wine, berries, tomato sauce, soy sauce, and beetroot. Another major cause of discolored dentures is smoking. The tar and nicotine in cigarette smoke can coat your dentures and make them look yellow. If giving up coffee and spaghetti makes you nervous, give your dentures a quick rinse or brush afterward to keep the stains from setting.

Still, stains aren't the only thing that can hurt your dentures. You also need to know how to remove plaque from your dentures if you want them to look good and feel good.

How To Clean Stained Dentures At Home?

You should clean your dentures every day, but you should give them a deeper clean and whiten them every so often. This will help eliminate any signs that your coffee, tea, and other habits that make your teeth yellow have left behind.

Use white vinegar, baking soda, or cleaners made just for dentures to clean and brighten your dentures. One of the easiest ways to whiten your dentures is to mix equal parts vinegar and cold water in a glass and soak them for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, rinse them off. It is that simple!

We suggest you only use products to clean your dentures made for that purpose. You can get denture cleaners in the form of tablets that dissolve in water. You can also get liquid denture cleaners that are meant to soak overnight. These products for cleaning dentures will help loosen and eliminate the things that are making your dentures look dirty.

How to Have Your Dentures Clean?

You might want to see a dentist if you clean your teeth at home and the stains don't go away. Using their medical tools, they can remove surface stains and polish your dentures in a matter of minutes, giving them a brand-new look and a fresh feel and bringing back their glossy white color. Unless your dentist tells you otherwise, you should have a professional clean your dentures at least twice a year.

Things To Watch Out 

When you clean your dentures at home with things like vinegar and baking soda, it's important to stay away from anything that could damage them. Don't scrub your dentures with harsh cleaners (like grainy toothpaste) or hard-bristle brushes, and don't rinse them under hot water.You can visit our dental clinic for the best denture related treatment nearby.

Can Teeth Whitening Be Used On False Teeth?

It would help if you didn't clean your dentures with anything that has bleach in it because it can make them weaker and change their color.

How Can Brown Stains Be Taken Off Dentures?

No matter what color the stain is on your dentures—blue, brown, or yellow—you can be sure that soaking them overnight in a denture cleaning solution will help eliminate most of them. You should talk to your dentist if you have a stain that won't go away.

Will Vinegar Damage Dentures?

If you mix the vinegar with cold water, it should be safe to use vinegar to clean your stained dentures.