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Foods To Steer Clear Of To Prevent Tooth Cracking
January 09, 2023  |  Blog, Dental Care

Foods To Steer Clear Of To Prevent Tooth Cracking

Cracked teeth can be painful and expensive to treat. Luckily, there are certain food choices you can make to prevent them. Knowing which foods to avoid can help you keep your pearly whites healthy and strong! Let’s look at what foods to steer clear of when it comes to preventing tooth cracking. 

Hard Foods

Hard foods like nuts, chips, and popcorn kernels are one of the leading causes of cracked teeth. It’s best to avoid these snacks altogether or at least break them into smaller pieces before eating them. This will reduce the risk of accidentally chomping down on something too hard for your teeth to handle. Another option is to use nutcrackers or nut butter instead of crunchy nuts that have not been pre-broken down. 

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods such as caramels and gummy bears are notoriously difficult for even the strongest teeth to chew without causing damage. These types of food stick to your teeth, leaving behind a sugary residue that can increase the chances of tooth decay and cracking over time. If you want a sweet treat now and then, opt for chocolate instead since it won't stick as readily as other sweets. 

Citrus Fruits & Juices

Citrus fruits and juices contain high levels of acidity which can lead to enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity. They also have sugar that is often overlooked when people think about their nutritional value but contributes significantly to cavities and weakened enamel if consumed in excess. If you eat citrus fruits or drink juice, it's important to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to neutralize any acidity left behind by the food or drink. 


Though some types of food may be delicious, they may not always be the best choice for keeping our teeth healthy! Hard foods like nuts, chips, and popcorn kernels should be avoided or broken up into smaller pieces before consuming them in order to protect your teeth from cracking or breaking off due to excessive pressure being placed on them while chewing. Sticky foods like caramels and gummy bears should also be avoided because they tend to stick around after consumption and leave behind sugar residue that could cause cavities over time. Finally, citrus fruits such as oranges and juices should either be eaten sparingly or rinsed out with water immediately afterwards in order to protect our enamel from acid erosion due to the naturally high levels of acidity found in those types of fruit/juices respectively! By avoiding these types of foods, we can more easily prevent tooth cracking!