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Does A Dental Crown Help After Undergoing Root Canal Treatment?
November 15, 2022  |  Dental crown, Root Canal

Does A Dental Crown Help After Undergoing Root Canal Treatment?

A dental crown helps to restore and reinforce a tooth after undergoing root canal therapy. It protects the teeth from any further damage once the treatment process is completed. Even though all root canal procedures require tooth reinforcement, a dental crown is not always necessary. Patients who require root canal procedures may need clarification. Many individuals wonder, "do I need a dental crown after root canal treatment?" Keeping this in mind, we have come up with detailed information about this topic. Talking to your dentist will help you determine if dental crowns are the perfect option after root canal treatment.

What Can A Root Canal Treatment Do To Your Mouth?

A root canal treatment weakens your teeth, which is precisely why a dental crown can be necessary, especially if the root canal has been done on a back tooth. The reason behind it is simple - the back teeth absorb immense pressure while grinding your teeth or chewing. A tooth undergoing root canal treatment becomes hollow from within. The dentists remove the infected or dead pulp of the teeth during the procedure, which helps to prevent tooth decay or to spread it to the rest of the mouth. This weakens the teeth as they age and make them more prone to fractures. A dental crown protects the teeth and makes them functional and strong.

Do You Need A Dental Crown After Root Canal?

A dental crown is made to safeguard teeth from any further harm and improve their aesthetic appeal. Although a crown may not always be necessary for front teeth undergoing root canal therapy, your back teeth will definitely benefit from one. The teeth in front teeth do not need dental crowns as they are under less pressure while chewing. Instead, a dentist can discreetly fix a visible front tooth by using a composite dental filling. However, a dental crown can be used if a tooth becomes discolored due to decay. On the contrary, the back teeth can need dental crowns after the root canal since your bite puts pressure on the molars. The tooth that just underwent root canal therapy may crack if you bite down firmly on it. Getting dental crowns can be a perfect solution to avoid this problem.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns After Root Canal Treatment?

The longevity of a tooth can be increased by getting dental crowns after undergoing root canal treatment. In the section below, we have provided some of the significant benefits of dental crowns following root canals.

Helpful in restoring a weak tooth

It is essential to strengthen your tooth after root canal treatment if it has been weakened. Your dentist might recommend getting a dental crown to restore a tooth's function and appearance. A dental crown provides excellent support if the integrity of your tooth has been compromised. It is also used to keep the fragments of the tooth to tooth together.

Reduces tooth sensitivity

Facing mild discomfort or sensitivity after undergoing root canal treatment is pretty common. This usually happens due to the cleaning process involved in the treatment. The dentist drills a tiny hole in your tooth to remove the damaged or decayed pulp. As a result, some nerves in your teeth can be more sensitive to heat and cold. A dental crown can protect your teeth after undergoing root canal treatment to reduce sensitivity in the days to come.

Restores your natural-looking smile

A dental crown helps restore your smile's aesthetic after a root canal procedure. It can turn severely discolored or greyed teeth into a whiter, more natural-looking shade that blends well with the rest of your smile. Dental crowns closely resemble your natural teeth.

Preventing any further infection

A root canal treatment can cause contamination and infection of your damaged tooth. Using a dental crown to seal your tooth can actually prevent contamination and infection. We hope you understand how dental crowns can be helpful after root canal treatment. Our dentist and other dental professionals are always available to help you with top-quality dental care in Tomball, TX. Contact us if you have any further queries related to this query.