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Root Canal   •   June 30, 2021

Root Canal: Cost, Benefits & Definition

Root canals are a routine procedure that aims at the removal of your decaying pulp. It protects you from oral health complications and saves your infected tooth from extractions. Most people tend to skip getting a root canal procedure citing root canal pain. However, the pain is only short-lived and you won’t even feel anything […]

Preventative Dentistry   •   June 8, 2021

All You Need To Know About Dental X-ray

What Is A Dental X-ray? The dental x-ray is one of the most significant instruments used by dentists all over the world. This type of X-rays enables dentists to diagnose diseases that may not be seen during a visual examination. But what are dental x-rays? Dental X-rays can be defined as an essential diagnostic tool […]

Dental Care, Oral Health   •   May 18, 2021

What Are The Different Dental Problems Of Teens?

All parents know the universal truth that dealing with teenagers is very challenging. But those parents who have successfully managed to inculcate good dental care and hygiene habits in their children have a little less to worry about. It is crucial for all parents to get their kids habituated to good dental and oral health […]

Dental Sealants, Oral Health   •   April 16, 2021

The Role Of Dental Sealants In Our Oral Health

Tooth decay is a very common dental problem. We cannot clean every nook and corner of our teeth properly all the time. And usually, those molars and premolars, even if we brush and floss! Molars are very rough and unequal. And they are the most favorable spot for the food substances and cavity-generating bacteria to […]

Dental Filling   •   March 19, 2021

Broken Or Loose Fillings? Here Are Tips For You To Follow!

Dentists provide you Dental fillings in order to fill your cavities and restore your decayed teeth. Fillings are rigid that lets you chew and grind, just like original teeth. But sometimes, these fillings can also come loose. How does a filling get damaged? Tooth decay because of  inappropriate dental habits A face injury  Teeth grinding […]