Do you wish your teeth were straighter or your bite was aligned? Stop wishing for the smile you want; start your journey to a great smile with the help of orthodontics from Northampton Dental. On top of our general, cosmetic and restoration dentistry services, we also offer orthodontics for our teen and adult patients. It is another way we make achieving your best smile easy, all at our comfortable, relaxing dental office in Tomball.

Straight Teeth for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Orthodontics are used to align your teeth and your bite for a beautiful smile. But it is not just aesthetics that are important. Misaligned teeth and bites can cause other oral health problems. You can suffer from TMD when your bite is not aligned, causing jaw pain, headaches and other side effects. When teeth are crooked, gapped or have other alignment issues, they can be difficult to keep clean. Without proper dental care services, this can lead to oral hygiene issues, including bad breath, decay and gum disease.

With orthodontics, your teeth and bite can be repositioned for optimal health and a pleasant appearance for your smile. Most alignment treatments take between one and two years of wearing braces or aligners to adjust your teeth. At Northampton Dental, we offer the following orthodontic treatments to give you a healthy, straight smile that looks fantastic:
With Invisalign, a popular option for both adults and teens, you can get a straight smile without metal braces. Not only are they discreet, they are more comfortable and convenient while addressing many of the same orthodontic issues as braces.

If you are ready to get a straight, healthy smile, come see us at Northampton Dental in Tomball. We serve families from the North Houston area for all their dental needs. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to learn more about our orthodontic options. We accept many different dental plans and have payment options for your convenience.