Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

At Northampton Dental, caring for your oral health with general dentistry is our top priority. This involves doing everything we can to save your natural teeth. We offer advanced options for repairing and treating severe dental problems, including root canals and cracked tooth repair. However, there are times when a tooth must be removed to protect your health. When that is the case, we offer gentle tooth extractions in our comfortable, relaxing office in Tomball.

No one wants to hear they need a tooth removed. But when it is necessary, you are in good hands at our office. Our team is compassionate and caring, putting you at ease during the procedure. We make you comfortable with our cozy treatment rooms filled with amenities to keep you entertained during your visit. We also offer sedation dentistry options for those that prefer to be sedated during their tooth extraction. We will make the experience as stress-free and painless as possible for you.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth arrive in the late teens or early twenties and are the third and last set of molars that you will receive. Unfortunately, these late molars often have very little room for entry, which can cause problems. If crowded, wisdom teeth can become impacted, either growing in sideways or not coming through the gum at all. When these molars put your oral health at risk, it is best to have them removed. We offer expert wisdom tooth removal, either proactively if there is a perceived problem or reactively if they are causing other issues.

If you need a tooth extraction or your wisdom teeth removed in Tomball, come see our team at Northampton Dental for treatment options. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.