Cracked Tooth Repair

A cracked or damaged tooth needs immediate medical attention from an experienced dentist. At Northampton Dental, our team is here when you need dental care for a cracked tooth. We offer same day appointments and have options to repair your tooth back to optimal health.

A severely cracked tooth is often painful, or at a minimum, sensitive to heat or cold. You may feel throbbing or a sharp pain when you bite down or release pressure on the tooth. Besides the pain or discomfort, a deep crack can put your tooth at risk. If not repaired immediately, the crack may continue beneath the gum line where it may not be able to be repaired. Cracks can also put the interior of your tooth at risk of decay or infection, which can also jeopardize the tooth or lead to root canal therapy.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Not all cracked, chipped or damaged teeth are immediately painful, but they still require repair as soon as possible. Small cracks or chips may be repaired with fillings, bondings, inlays or onlays. More severe damage may require a dental crown to protect the tooth.

You may not always know you have a cracked tooth. Small cracks can begin yet not be painful or noticeable. However, they will continue to grow and can allow bacteria to enter the interior of the tooth. This is another great reason to adhere to your regular checkup schedule so we can catch those small cracks before they become larger dental problems.

If you have a damaged tooth, contact Northampton Dental today. We are here when you need urgent dental care.