Dental Bridges

Are you embarrassed due to missing teeth in your smile? Stop hiding your teeth and start smiling again with a beautiful dental bridge from Northampton Dental. Dental bridges are a wonderful cosmetic dental treatment for replacing missing teeth and giving you back a complete, natural-looking smile.

When you lose one or more teeth, it changes the appearance of your smile and can result in other dental issues. Once teeth are missing, the stability within your mouth for your other teeth is compromised. The teeth on either side of the gap where your tooth or teeth once were can begin to shift. They can become crooked, causing more cosmetic issues. They can also become more difficult to clean, leading to oral health issues such as gum disease. A dental bridge can give you back a full smile and protect your oral health.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Fixed Bridge

A dental or fixed bridge uses your existing teeth as anchors for the new, artificial teeth which replace those that are missing. The most common fixed bridge uses the teeth on either side of the gap to anchor a new tooth or teeth in place. Dental crowns are fitted over these abutment teeth that are attached to new artificial teeth called pontics. This creates a “bridge” to close the gap with new teeth that look and function like natural teeth. The dental work is fixed in place. You will not need to remove the bridge like you do dentures. Just clean your teeth and pontics with normal brushing and flossing.

Once in place, a dental bridge offers structure and stability for the rest of your teeth while completing your smile. You can feel more confident and attractive while protecting your oral health.

If you have missing teeth, come see us at Northampton Dental. We have several tooth restoration options, including dental bridges, dentures and dental implants. You deserve a complete, beautiful smile that looks great and will promote excellent health. Contact us today to learn more.