Composite Fillings

When a tooth needs repair, you want the repair to blend in with your natural tooth color. With composite fillings, no one needs to know you had dental work completed. This effective repair material can fill cavity spots, close gaps and cover dental flaws while blending perfectly with your other teeth. At Northampton Dental, we are happy to offer composite fillings for our patients for cosmetic dental repairs.

Most people have had an amalgam or metal filling at one point in their life. While effective in repairing teeth, the appearance of metal in your smile is not attractive. With composite fillings, you can have a durable filling that is almost impossible to detect. Many people have their old metal fillings replaced with composite resin to give them a completely white smile. Composite resin can also be used to cover dental flaws, repair chips in teeth and even cosmetically close gaps between teeth. This durable material can be matched to the color of your teeth and is durable enough to last for decades.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin has been used for many years to complete tooth-colored repairs. However, the technology has improved to make this material more durable so that it can be used for almost any filling or repair, even on molars. Composite resin is a combination of plastics, glass or ceramics to create a putty-like material that can be molded for tooth repairs. It is usually applied in layers, with each layer hardened using a special light to create a durable surface. Once the repair is made, the surface is smoothed and blended to match the rest of the tooth.

If you have old metal fillings you want replaced or have a tooth that needs repair, contact Northampton Dental today to schedule your appointment. We have durable, white fillings made from composite resin that will match your teeth, giving you a completely white smile.