Teeth Whitening Mistakes to Avoid

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Teeth whitening is the most sought after cosmetic enhancement throughout the United States. Those concerned with the color of their teeth, want a beautiful white smile that they can show off to anyone and everyone they come into contact with. One of the most common methods of achieving a whiter smile is by using at-home teeth whitening products. These products bring in billions of dollars annually in the U.S., with more products coming onto the market each year. While many people choose to whiten their teeth at home to save time and money, a great deal of them actually end up spending more time and more money trying to achieve unattainable results with an at-home product. Not only are many people disappointed with their results, but they are also damaging their smiles in the process.

Common teeth whitening mistakes to avoid:

  • Whitening without your dentist’s approval. Before you think that your dentist only wants you to seek a professional treatment from his/her office, your dentist truly just wants what is best for your smile. Your dentist knows whether or not your teeth are healthy enough to undergo any type of whitening procedure, whether at home or at the office. If you try to whiten your teeth at home and your teeth are not healthy enough, you can cause serious damage to your teeth that will cost much more than your time.
  • Not following directions. By far, the most common wrongful assumption of at-home whitening products is that leaving the product on for longer than directed will allow you to whiten your teeth faster and better. This is not true! Leaving any type of whitening product on your teeth longer than directed can cause irreversible damage to your smile. You can be left with uneven results, white spots on the teeth and gums, weakened tooth enamel with a grayish appearance, and extreme tooth sensitivity. While it may seem like the tempting solution, leaving a whitening agent on your teeth for an extended amount of time will only cause you trouble.
  • Using a “one size fits all” approach. Have you ever known a one size fits all approach to anything work out for everyone? No. Your mouth is shaped differently from your spouse’s, your friend’s, your neighbor’s, and that kid’s down the street. Trying a tray that claims to “work for all mouth sizes” will never give you the results you want to achieve.

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