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Gum Disease and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings forth months of anticipation and excitement. Whether you are pregnancy with your first baby or your third, every pregnancy is a reminder at the awe of a new life. During the nine months of pregnancy, there are many things to plan for and keep up with. Planning for a nursery, showers, and the perfect baby name are some of the most exciting parts; while scheduling doctor appointments and dental visits may not be quite as fun. If you are wondering why dental visits need to be in the planning portion of pregnancy, please keep reading. Your oral health has a huge impact on the health of your pregnancy and growing baby.

While nine months often feels like “forever” to a pregnant mother, it really is a short amount of time to conceive, grow, and give birth to another human. During those nine months, a woman’s body goes through many changes. While the growing abdomen and weight gain are obvious, there are other significant changes occurring inside her body as well.

A woman’s blood supply more than doubles during pregnancy; her respiratory system rises to accommodate for the extra oxygen levels that she and her baby need; the breasts change to prepare for milk production; and hormones fluctuate at huge levels. It is the hormone fluctuations that pose concerns when it comes to oral health. The same hormones that are responsible for the development of the placenta affect the gum tissues inside the mouth. “Pregnancy gingivitis” is an early form of gum disease that approximately 40% of expectant mothers deal with. When caught early on and treated, this is nothing more than a “hiccup” during pregnancy. However, gum disease that develops into a serious concern poses life-threatening risks to the pregnancy.

Gum disease causes the gum tissues to become easily irritated and infected. Because there are millions of bacteria present inside the mouth on any given day, irritated gums provide an easy access for bacteria to enter into the blood stream. The entire body is connected through one blood supply that travels throughout the body multiple times a day. an infection inside the mouth can be easily transferred to the uterus. Research has proven that gum disease has a direct link to miscarriage, preterm labor, low birthweight babies, and stillbirth. Your oral health needs to be a priority throughout your entire pregnancy.

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