Gingivitis is Treatable in Children

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Gum disease is not just an adult condition. Kids can get infections and diseases of the gums, too. Gum problems are far more common in adults, but a mild form of gum disease, gingivitis, frequently appears in children, too.

Gum disease has its beginnings with the development of plaque in the mouth. Plaque is a carrier for troublesome bacteria that is full of poisons and toxins. It coats the teeth and attacks the gums. In stage one, gum disease is gingivitis. If not treated early, gingivitis will advance and become periodontitis, a destructive stage of the disease.

There are some characteristic signs of the disease that should be taken quite seriously. If you suspect your child may be developing gingivitis, watch for these conditions, and schedule a thorough evaluation with Northampton Dental:

  • Erosion of the bone
  • Bloody, tender, red gums
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Bad breath that does not go away
  • Pockets of pus or infection
  • </ul If gingivitis is caught early, it is highly treatable and curable. However, if gum infection is permitted to fester and spread, it can weaken the immune system and threaten whole body health.

    Poor dental hygiene is the culprit in most cases of gum disease. We encourage parents to take time with their children to teach them the ins and outs of proper oral health care. Children model what they see, so we hope that parents are demonstrating thorough brushing and flossing for their children. At a minimum, children should brush twice per day. Three times each day is ideal. Flossing is tricky at first, but once kids get the hang of it, they can have fun with it. Getting in the habit of flossing at bedtime usually works well for most children.

    Our staff at Northampton Dental is dedicated to helping children learn to be proactive about their oral health. Please call us to schedule a comprehensive examination and full professional cleaning. We look forward to serving you for years to come!