Don’t Forget to Protect Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

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For many families, sports are an important part of their child’s lives. They view sports as a wonderful opportunity for youth and teens to build skills in gross motor, cooperation, team work, and work ethic. Sports can provide an opportunity for all of these beneficial life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, but participation in sports is not without risks. It is important to understand the threat of injury when signing your child up to participate in sports or recreational activities. By understanding the threat of risk, you can better protect your child from harm. While head and neck injuries are seen as the most dangerous, oral injuries can be quite serious, extremely expensive to repair, and cause permanent damage that will affect your child for life.

Studies show that young sports participants (children, adolescents, and teens) lose more than 3 million teeth each year. Not only are 3 million teeth a lot of teeth, but replacing those teeth is a huge financial burden. Missing teeth do more than just cause an incomplete smile; missing teeth affect how people speak, how people chew their food, how the remaining teeth support one another, and other important daily functions. At Northampton Dental, we want you to know how to safely protect your child’s teeth during sports.

Prevention is the best way to protect your child’s smile. If your child is involved in any type of physical, contact, or recreational sport then having the correct equipment is completely necessary. Many parents will go out of their way to have a top of the line helmet for football, baseball, or softball; yet, these same parents often forget that a mouthguard is also a necessary piece of equipment. Protecting the mouth from harm should be a huge priority. The cost of correcting trauma to the teeth, jaw, or oral function is astonishingly expensive compared to the cost of having your child wear a protective mouth guard.

Contact Northampton Dental today to learn more about the specific type of mouthguard your child should be wearing while participating in sports. By setting the stage from the very start that a mouthguard is a standard and required piece of equipment, you are setting your child up for success.