Dental Technology

Medical technology is constantly improving, especially in the dental field. Advancements in dental imagery and diagnostic tools make it easier to identify oral issues when they first appear. This allows for quicker repairs, protecting oral health and saving money for patients. At Northampton Dental, we invest in the newest technology to give our patients access to efficient, quality dental care services that can save them time and money.

Digital X-rays and Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic radiography, also known as a panoramic x-ray is an x-ray technology that allows us to see your entire mouth is one image. Our dental team is able to see a detailed view of your teeth and supporting bone structure which empowers us to make a better diagnosis and assures our patients that we are recommending the best treatment option to ensure your optimal oral health.

In addition to a complete view of your teeth and supporting bone structure, the panoramic digital x-ray is also a low radiation x-ray which is a safer option for our patients as no radiation remains in your body once the x-ray exam is complete.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera technology at Northampton Dental allows us to show you digital images of the interior of your mouth. The device uses a small, hand-held camera that transmits digital images of your teeth onto a monitor so you can view issues that your dentist can see. This helps you have a deeper understanding of your oral health and why certain dental treatments are needed to care for your smile.

Dry Shield™

The DryShield™ Dental Isolation System is an all-in- one device that suctions out fluid, protects your tongue, shields your airway, and serves as a bite block so that our team can work much more efficiently. DryShield mouthpieces are made of flexible, soft material so you stay comfortable during the entire appointment.

At Northampton Dental, we want our patients to have access to the best dental care available. With the use of the latest dental technology, we can provide the best medical treatments for our patients, improving their dental experience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.